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Product Type: Switch Opener
Vendor: Gateron

This is Gateron's brand new switch opener, using a clever handheld design. This is made to easily open switches without straining your hands or fingers. Comes in the same four colors as the Gateron switch puller: Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

Only works on MX style switches, it will not work on any other type of switch.

Make sure to place the switch carefully in the opener and gently squeeze the handles together. It should be effortless to open the switch; not all switches are created equal so some may open fully, while others might require that you still carefully finish opening them by hand.

Prevail Key Co. cannot be held liable or responsible for any switches damaged due to using this tool and/or improper use of this opener. This is designed for standard, stock, MX style switches. We will not refund, pay for, or replace switches that may be damaged by this tool.

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